Do you expect fruit out of season?

Jesus cursed a fig tree because the fig tree did not produce fruit when He was hungry (Mark 11:12-14). The tree withered from the roots up (Mark 11:20). When the disciples questioned Him about the withered tree, Christ told them two things: with faith, all things are possible, and to forgive others while praying (Mark 11:22-25).

Have you ever been disappointed in someone because you wanted what they could not give you? In the same way, Christ wanted fruit from the fig tree because He was hungry. He needed to eat. Yet, He found the fig tree fruitless. It was not the right season for the tree to produce fruit. Often, we give up on friendships, relationships, churches, and even God because we want fruit out of season. Then, we curse the relationship and harbor offense in our hearts.

Yet Christ taught that with faith, all things are possible. The most difficult of all things is letting go of an offense and hurt. Yet, with faith, ALL things are possible. With faith, letting go of an offense is possible. With faith, letting go of hurt is possible. With faith, forgiving is possible. With faith, waiting for friendships to bear fruit in season is possible. With faith, waiting for relationships to bear fruit in season is possible. With faith, sticking it out with a church is possible. With faith, serving in a challenging ministry is possible. With faith, seeking reconciliation is possible. With faith, finishing school is possible. With faith, staying married is possible. With faith, being a great mother or father is possible. With faith, healing is possible.

Pay attention to your prayers. When you see that your prayers come from a place of pain, offense, and weaknesses, begin to bless those who hurt you, offended you, failed you, and created insecurity in your life. Whatever you ask for in faith, you are given, so be sure what you are asking for doesn’t curse that which is not yet in season!

Be wary of friendships, relationships, and ministry that produce “fruit” quickly! Some seed falls on shallow and hard hearts! It springs up quickly but withers and fades (Matthew 13:5). Aim to expect fruit in season. Expecting fruit to be out of season leads to withering, and no fruit ever has an opportunity to grow. Fruit that sprouts up quickly withers and fades before it is helpful to anyone. Fruit in season, planted in fertile soil, brings reward after reward, praise after praise.

Examine your frustrations. Where are you expecting fruit out of season? When have you rejoiced over early growth only for it to fade? Both are sources of disappointment and offense. Pray often. Forgive deeply. Expect growth to take many seasons. Be prepared to wait between harvests. Plan to forgive often. Pray without ceasing.
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