Continue to Preach the Gospel
by Stephanie Williams on July 17th, 2024
Even after facing intense division, Acts 14:8 says Paul and Barnabas “continued to preach the gospel.”  Read More
Stay & Engage
by Stephanie Williams on July 10th, 2024
The question before Christians is the same as it was for Judas. Do you leave the table with a full belly, a full money box, and your own plans? Or do you stay and engage?  Read More
Go on to Maturity
by Stephanie Williams on June 24th, 2024
How do you know you have rebuffed a call to holiness? How do you respond to exhortation and correction? Proverbs 9:1-19 gives many clues. Do you scoff, huff, and push back against those who ask you to rise up in holiness? What happens when a leader or friend brings up behavior that they think is sin but you don’t? Do you privately rage against this invasion? Or do you pray and love the barrier of rebuke you disagree with? Do you love the one who exhorts you because they loved you enough to bring a matter to your mind? Do you take the criticism to the Holy Spirit and scripture to be sure you are walking in holiness and righteousness?  Read More
Peace in the Darkness
by Stephanie Williams on June 18th, 2024
Capstone Outreach June 16, 2024...  Read More
What did you deny yourself yesterday?
by Stephanie Williams on June 7th, 2024
Jesus tells His followers to take up His cross. What is a cross? It is a method of execution. Guards demanded prisoners carry their cross to their deaths. Taking up the cross means this choice is to be for life. From the point of salvation to the last breath. Christ’s disciples either follow His way or their own. They either deny themselves or deny Christ. There is no moderate position. It is an extreme decision. We ask men, women, and children to accept Jesus, but we do not warn them of what they must deny. It is not an easy life, the life of the disciple. There is a cross to be carried. Crosses are heavy. They are cumbersome. They give you splinters. If a disciple is carrying the cross, there is no space or strength left to carry anything else.  Read More
Listen--Listen to His voice
by Stephanie Williams on May 20th, 2024
Job 37:1-2 At this my heart pounds and leaps from its place Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth.Elihu instructs Job to listen to the roar of the Lord's voice. It is wondrous that the Lord speaks, yet He is not heard. All men have seen His work (Job 36:24-25). Yet, scripture also says, “For God does speak--now one way, now another--though no one percei...  Read More
Do Not Worry--Seek First
by Stephanie Williams on May 13th, 2024
Seeking the kingdom of heaven begins with repentance. What do you repent of? Start with worry. Matthew 6:32 Says, “Do not worry….” Then Matthew 6:34 also says, “So do not worry….” What is between Matthew 6:23 and Matthew 6:34? Scripture says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness….” Sandwiched between Jesus TWICE telling the disciples, “So do not worry” Christ says, “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.” Begin by turning away from worry and toward the kingdom of Christ  Read More
by Stephanie Williams on May 3rd, 2024
If you find nothing and no one to rejoice with or for, the mighty word of God tells you what to rejoice in. Luke 10:20 says, “Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Zechariah wrote, “Rejoice greatly…your king comes to you, righteous and victorious” (Zechariah 9:9). Paul writes love “rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:6). Habakkuk wrote, “rejoice in the Lord” and “be joyful in God” (Habakkuk 3:17-18). Habakkuk wrote that when there was no produce, the crops failed, and there was no food or cattle. Still, he said, “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord.”  Read More
A Scandal of Grace
by Stephanie Williams on April 24th, 2024
Lord, help us to be agents of the scandal. Help us to walk out a scandal of grace. Help us to forgive radically, live mercifully, and spread the word so that others are set free.  Read More
God speaks...yet no one notices
by Stephanie Williams on April 10th, 2024
Do you ever hope the Lord would speak? Maybe we need to turn to the Word of God, pray, and step away from the echo chamber, which can be the internet, social media, apps, and sometimes even books. What does the WORD say? What does God speak in chapters of scripture that aren’t quoted on every t-shirt, convention, and social media post?  Read More
The Lord Has Need of It
by Stephanie Williams on March 21st, 2024
The disciples told the bystanders, "The Lord has need of it." Simple. Direct. To the point. What in your life does the Lord have need of? And why are you making it so complicated?  Read More
Your Savior Walks on Water And in the Deep
by Stephanie Williams on March 14th, 2024
Your Savior walks on water, and He walks in the deep. When you find yourself losing faith EVEN in the middle of receiving EXACTLY what you asked HIM for, cry out to Him. He knows what is on the surface and what is deep below.  Read More