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Be Free: Do Not Forget
by Stephanie Williams on February 13th, 2024
Do not let your testimony slip away. Revisit what you have seen the Lord do in you and around you. The Lord says that you should remember what your eyes have seen. People are quick to forget the miracles from yesterday as new difficulties and trials creep in. What testimony are you forgetting? Testify to yourself of the good things you know the Lord has done. Count your blessings and your miracles. Then tell your children and grandchildren about them. Make God famous in your house for what He has done.   Read More
Choose Life, Choose Blessing
by Stephanie Williams on February 5th, 2024
Hold close to the Lord. Be firm in your faith, unmovable. In a corrupt and dying world, it is a miracle that anyone chooses life. You are a miracle. You have chosen life. You have chosen to love the Lord and to obey His voice. Hold fast to that miracle. Don’t let go of your love for Him, His word, or His way.  Read More
Resist & Persist
by Stephanie Williams on January 22nd, 2024
Resist and persist. It takes the full armor of God to resist and stand firm, not against the schemes of people, not against the lusts of the flesh, but against the devil. Resisting includes faith, truth, the gospel of peace, the Word of God, salvation, and prayer. The Lord hears the prayers of the persistent and looks for faithful resistance against darkness in the world and evil forces.  Read More
Do you expect fruit out of season?
by Stephanie Williams on December 14th, 2023
Have you ever been disappointed in someone because you wanted what they could not give you? Often, we give up on friendships, relationships, churches, and even God because we want fruit out of season. Then, we curse the relationship and harbor offense in our hearts. Yet Christ taught that with faith, all things are possible. The most difficult of all things is letting go of an offense and hurt. Yet, with faith, ALL things are possible. With faith, letting go of an offense is possible. With faith, letting go of hurt is possible.  Read More
Be Free: Negative Patterns
by Stephanie Williams on December 7th, 2023
Scripture says that when you accept the free gift of salvation by Christ Jesus, you receive a spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15). Negative patterns no longer enslave you. Call on God as a Father and Christ as a friend (John 15:15).  Read More
A Habit of Thanksgiving
by Stephanie Williams on November 21st, 2023
During Thanksgiving, lift up three things you are thankful for as often as you sit down to eat. He is a good God, and He is worthy of all thanksgiving and praise. Salt your meals with prayers for all the good things He has done and all the loved ones He has made.  Read More
Obstacles to Forgiveness
by Stephanie Williams on October 16th, 2023
Without forgiveness, there is only death. The truth is that because of sin, we all require mercy, grace, and forgiveness. It is the forgiveness that brings life. When you choose not to forgive those who have done wrong to you, you are heaping sin upon yourself. Holding on to someone else’s wrong does not cause them harm. It causes you harm. Forgiveness reduces Satan’s power to use that hurt and pain to produce more hurt and pain. Forgiveness allows you to move past that hurt to live life abundantly.  Read More
Be Free: What about you?
by Stephanie Williams on October 12th, 2023
Where are YOU keeping a record of wrong about YOU? And then cast these cares and anxieties on Christ (1 Peter 5:7). He cares for you. Ask Him to help you to walk in His forgiveness and to help YOU to let go of YOUR record of wrong that you hold against yourself.   Read More
Be Free: Forgiving God
by Stephanie Williams on October 4th, 2023
Things rarely work out the way we want them to. Bad stuff happens, and disappointment, hurt, grief, anger, and offense build up. It is easy to blame God, rail against God, or even stop talking to Him.God does not author evil. God also does not abandon us in our hurt. In the book of Job, Job lost all of his children and wealth, and his wife was pretty awful to him. Yet, God did not leave Job or for...  Read More
Be Free: Forgiveness
by Stephanie Williams on September 28th, 2023
For a long time, I thought being “sorry” was asking for forgiveness. And hearing, “I’m sorry,” created forgiveness. Neither of those is true. Forgiveness is a choice that happens inside. Often, forgiving pulls back layers of hurt and anger. Each layer requires a renewed commitment to forgiveness.  Read More
Be Free: Healed
by Stephanie Williams on September 18th, 2023
God is a really big God. Job walked through a lot of hurt. God restored and healed Job. Job gained more wealth. He had more children. These did not replace what he lost--nothing replaces a lost child--but God did heal and restore him. Sometimes, the way to healing is to return to where you were hurt. Where in your life were you hurt? What would life look like in five years if God healed that hurt?  Read More
Be Free: Emotions Are Not the Enemy
by Stephanie Williams on September 11th, 2023
If you have hurt (and everyone has hurt), spend some time in prayer. Ask the Lord to reveal emotion connected to unhealed hurts. Reflect on how those emotions affect you. Does anger, resentment, or impatience bubble out around certain people and situations?   Read More
Be Free: Life Hurts
by Stephanie Williams on September 5th, 2023
Hurt happens. Unhealed hurt damages your relationships. The unhealed hurt causes you to cling to relationships you should let go of, take fewer healthy risks, and sabotage relationships you should hold dear. The enemy has a plan to use your hurt. The only safe place to run with unhealed hurt is to the Creator (Pro. 18:10). We must pour out our hurts and other emotions to God (Psalm 142:1-2). He is the great Healer and Redeemer. He is the only One who can remove a trauma trigger (Psalm 62:8).  Read More
How often does the garbage need to go out?
by Stephanie Williams on August 28th, 2023
Taking out the garbage is an ongoing chore. Living in a home where the garbage is piled all around is dangerous. It can make a person sick. It is the same with renewing your mind. Some of these are truth and bring you closer to the Lord. Some thoughts, ideas, and habits are trash. If you don’t renew your mind, then your mind will be filled with ideas, thoughts, and habits that cause damage. Renew your mind honestly and often.  Read More
Be Free: Do you need a snack, a job, or a friend?
by Stephanie Williams on August 14th, 2023
As you do the hard work of healing from past trauma, you must make the decision to run toward the Lord. Bow down to Him. Take a nap if you need to. Eat a snack. Put on a new outfit. Sit in the company of good, godly friends or family. Accept the job God has for you. Most importantly--stop isolating!   Read More
How do I meditate on the Word?
by Stephanie Williams on August 1st, 2023
Three ways to meditate on the word are to draw it, read it, and memorize it. Three ways to meditate on the word are to draw it, read it, and memorize it.   Read More
by Stephanie Williams on July 17th, 2023
Considering who Christ is--Lord and Creator, Redeemer, Messiah, Forgiver of Sins, Redeemer--it humbles you to realize this God calls you friend....The question is this. Are you a very good friend? To be a friend, you must accept the friendship. Are you willing to walk thru the bumps and bruises, valleys and mountaintops of life with Christ?   Read More