Be Free: Life Hurts

Everybody hurts sometimes. -R. E. M.

Hurt happens. Hurt arrives from all kinds of places. Maybe it was someone you thought was a friend turned out to be fake. Maybe you had a cheating boyfriend. Or a love interest turned you down. Maybe your mom ran off. Or your dad worked so much that he was never there for you. Maybe your dream car turned out to be a lemon. Maybe you were fired from a good job. Or a precious pet passed away. Hurt happens.

Unhealed hurt damages your relationships. The unhealed hurt causes you to cling to relationships you should let go of, take fewer healthy risks, and sabotage relationships you should hold dear. The enemy has a plan to use your hurt. The more hurt the enemy convinces you to hold on to, the more damage he can do with that hurt. There is an old axiom, “Hurting people hurt people.” This is true. Then hurt then produces shame and guilt. Eventually, you become like Adam and Eve, ashamed and hiding in the garden (Gen. 3:7).

When Adam and Eve hid in the garden, God called to them. God calls to you today. Where are you? The only safe place to run with unhealed hurt is to the Creator (Pro. 18:10).
Uncovering unhealed hurt is necessary. Do not believe the lie that since there is hurt, all emotions are bad. Emotions, even hurt, reveal parts of our hearts and lives we must focus on and bring to the Lord. We must pour out our hurts and other emotions to God (Psalm 142:1-2). He is the great Healer and Redeemer. He is the only One who can remove a trauma trigger (Psalm 62:8). Trust in Him with everything you have (Pro. 3:5-6)  and let Him renew your heart (Rom. 12:12) and heal your hurt (Jer. 33:6).

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Michael - September 5th, 2023 at 3:58pm

If we can't trust in The Lord to heal our hearts and hurts then we are in trouble. Only He can.