God speaks...yet no one notices

Indeed, God speaks once or twice, yet no one notices it. Job 33:16 NASB
Do you ever hope the Lord would speak? 
The man Job lost everything—his wealth, his children, and his health. Three friends showed up to “comfort” Job. They pushed and pulled and prodded Job to confess some secret sin so the painful season of loss could be behind him. The three friends believed Job suffered because he must be doing something unrighteous. Job persistently defended himself. Job wanted an answer from God for his loss and suffering.

Elihu approaches Job’s suffering differently than the three friends. Elihu is younger than Job and the three friends. He probably is less educated and speaks with less sophistication. Yet, how often does God use the simple to confound the wise?
Elihu argues that “Indeed God speaks!” God speaks, but no one notices it. Why? Wouldn’t people, especially a man as righteous as Job and men as wise as the three friends, notice the Lord if He spoke? 
No. They would not. In John 6, Christ the Lord, who is and was the Immanuel, the God-with-us, spoke, and many disciples walked away. The twelve named disciples remained, but the others walked away because they said, “This is a difficult statement; who can listen to it?” (John 6:60) Even the followers of God, who heard from His very own lips, can ignore the Lord when He speaks. 
Let us focus on what the Lord is speaking. Let us search above the clamor. If God speaks once or twice but no one notices it…maybe we need to stop listening for what we want to hear.

Maybe we need to turn to the Word of God, pray, and step away from the echo chamber, which can be the internet, social media, apps, and sometimes even books. What does the WORD say? What does God speak in chapters of scripture that aren’t quoted on every t-shirt, convention, and social media post?