The Chosen // Part 3
June 27, 2021

The Chosen // Part 3

Passage: 1 Peter 2:4-6 (NIV)
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For the last couple of Sundays, we’ve talked about living life with Christ. He has one desire: to make us into disciples. He has one way of making that happen: to follow Him. Life with Christ is not about studying at a desk but about taking a journey. He calls each of His children to follow Him. He then takes off – leading us down a pathway that has so many details left out.

Many cannot function without the details so they choose not to follow. Others embrace the journey, enjoying the excitement of the adventure. There is a commercial out now about this new fad of people walking across great expanses on a high wire. One man who does this said it this way: “Many people are afraid of dying – I am afraid of not living.”

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