January 16, 2019


Passage: Matthew 12:34-37
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Many are praying for things that are not moving or changing. While there could be other reasons for this, let’s check to see if we are providing a platform for the devil to attack and undermining the very prayers we pray. To begin with: the enemy cannot stop the will of God when the child of God is obedient to God’s will and His Word. But, if we give the enemy a legal/moral reason to operate, then he can move against us legitimately. Because the enemy cannot stop us himself, he must get us to stop ourselves through overt rejection of God’s word or in many cases of the sincere believer to get us to come into agreement with his lies and agenda.

Many times, we give the devil legal grounds to attack us through our mouths. We say things that are ungodly about others and judge them when the scripture plainly tells us not to do such things. We are in a season of maturity. God is visiting us to look for fruit. Where there is none, He is convicting and providing. Where there is obedience, He is blessing. Where there is resistance, He is disciplining and in some cases, the enemy is attacking.

Today’s Scriptures:

  •    Matthew 12:34-37
  •    James 3:8-10
  •    Matthew 7:1-6
  •    1 Peter 3:8-12 NKJV

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