Responding to Coronavirus Lockdown
May 13, 2020

Responding to Coronavirus Lockdown

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This week, as we continue with reconvening for services, Pastor Parkey addresses the lockdown surrounding the coronavirus and our response as a church. There is such a wide spectrum of responses we have had as believers, many of which have been conflicting. Because of the importance of unity, Pastor Parkey shares some thoughts from his experience during this time. 

So, we are in the midst of a worldwide lockdown. There are possibly higher political powers warping this situation to their benefit, this virus was possibly released intentionally, and many conspiracies don't seem too ridiculous; everything seems to have a touch of evil surrounding it so what do we do? Firstly, we need to realize that even if you think the lockdown is entirely unnecessary, this virus is real and proves a real threat to certain people, and we should be aware and conscious of this. We do not walk in fear, and we also should not be striking out at fellow believers who may be going along with everything we are being told to do. Many are wearing masks and staying distant out of consideration of others from their own personal wisdom, not fear, and certainly not out of a lack of faith. Many believers worldwide are struck by tragedy and suffering and disease, so did they lack faith? No, and so it is not fair to claim that believers now are lacking faith. We aren't being religiously persecuted, and our direct authorities are believers who are aiming for the best for us, so we need to have faith that God is working through them since He has placed them as an authority over us. Let us not be naive nor fearful, but loving and kind to each other and faithful to God’s Word. 

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