One Accord // Part 1
March 24, 2019

One Accord // Part 1

Passage: Psalm 133:1-3
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Today, we will begin a three part series called “One Accord,” intended to teach about unity. This first teaching will be called, “The Importance of Unity”. Psalm 133 is a basic verse about the importance of unity. Before we dive further into the importance of unity, we should define what the Bible means when it refers to unity.

Merriman-Webster Dictionary defines unity in these phrases:

  1. a definite amount taken as one or for which 1 is made to stand in calculation
  2. a condition of harmony continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action)
  3. the quality or state of being made one a totality of related parts: an entity that is a complex or systematic whole

When combined, these definitions speak of some important aspects of unity:

  1.     There must be more than one part to create unity.
  2.     There must be a common goal to create unity.
  3.     The parts must be related to one another to create a greater entity.

In summation, unity is realized through the joining of many parts. The joining of said parts are related to one another in such a way to create a greater entity that has a specified purpose.

So, let’s relate this to the body of Christ/church. We, who are many are joined together by the Holy Spirit. We are related to one another by the Holy Spirit in such a way to create the body of Christ, whose purpose is to present Jesus – His heart, ways, motives, and thoughts to the world. No one is the whole. We are all parts – each with a specific relation to the others; whose makeup is not a complete expression of the whole but whose relation to the others is essential to the purpose of the greater entity.

The entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 12 speaks of the unity of the body. Notice that there is diversity, yet unity in the body. Each part is a part and has an essential function in the whole. But, for the full expression of the whole, each part must be joined to the others! Each part has a gift given by the Spirit that is essential to the expression of the whole but is incomplete in purpose without the other parts who have essential gifts that together fully express the whole! Look at your neighbor and say: “you need me!” We must get to the point in which we see other parts of the body (other people) as just as important to the whole as we are, no matter how we evaluate giftings. We must not be jealous of others because God is the One through the Holy Spirit who gifted each one of us. If we have a problem with another’s function, we have a problem with God’s purpose!

Now, back to the importance of unity and we’ll finish for today. Unity is important because of the following reasons:

  •     It reflects the lordship of Christ.

When we begin to operate in disunity, we are exalting our preferences and desires over the expression and purpose of the whole. When we must love and bear long with each other and forgive offenses, we exhibit our faith and trust that God is truly in charge of the operation of the whole! Without faith, it is impossible to please Him or express Him!

  •     Unity is the platform for the anointing.

Do you want a squabbling, unruly gathering of people or do you want an anointed place of God’s presence? Unity is essential to the pouring out of the oil of the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to all believe the exact same on disputable scriptural points, but we must maintain our goal to flow according to the relation of one another by the Holy Spirit and the honor of the other members. God chose how we relate to one another. If we respect that and cherish that, He will pour out the Spirit upon us.

  •     Unity creates God’s blessing including indestructible life.

The word “blessing” refers to the outpouring of the oil on Aaron’s head in Psalm 133. The oil is poured upon Aaron’s head and the outpouring does not stop when Aaron’s head is wet. The oil is continually poured until it covers Aaron’s robe and pools upon the floor! This is the picture of God’s blessing upon those in unity. The blessing will be poured out until it covers and saturates the entire body and pools at the feet of the body in extravagance! Remember the outpouring of the oil upon Jesus’ head at the dinner in Bethany? This is a picture of what God will do to those in unity. The oil prepared Jesus for the resurrection. The blessing poured upon the body of Christ operating in unity is a sign of resurrection, a precursor of resurrection, and the evidence of resurrection!

Today’s Scriptures:

  •    Psalm 133:1-3 (NIV)
  •    1 Corinthians 12:1-14 (NIV)
  •    1 Peter 2:4-5 (NIV)

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