Just Give Me Jesus // Walking On Water
May 29, 2022

Just Give Me Jesus // Walking On Water

Passage: Matthew 14:22-33
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Every time the disciples get into a boat, it is lesson time. You might say – it is revelation time. First time was the miracle of the fish. The second time was the stilling of the storm. After feeding the 5000, Jesus “made” His disciples get into the boat to “go to the other side”. We are jumping back into our journey with Jesus here in Matthew 14. This time, He doesn’t go with them – He stays behind to pray. On the way to the “other side”, a strong wind arises that makes sailing difficult. This time, there is no Jesus in the boat to bring reassurance or to cry to. It appears the disciples are on their own. It is dark. It is rough. They are still a good distance from their destination. Where is Jesus?

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