Just Give Me Jesus // Part 8
March 20, 2022

Just Give Me Jesus // Part 8

Passage: John 5:1-15
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It’s time to follow Jesus again to the place of another miracle (John 5:1-15). The site of this miracle is Jerusalem. The location is a pool located near the Sheep Gate. The Sheep Gate was the first gate repaired in the days of the restoration of Jerusalem under Nehemiah. It was repaired by the priests. Scholars believe that a sheep market was located outside the walls of the city and that sheep being sacrificed at the Temple were brought through this gate and washed in the pool near the gate.

In Jesus’ day, the pool was known as Bethesda and had a reputation as a place of healing. Sick folk gathered here to be miraculously as the stirring of the waters. It is here that Jesus encounters a “lost sheep” of Israel, a man sick for a very long time. Even though many in need of healing were present, Jesus focuses in on one man who had been sick 38 years.

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