Grace Opens The Door
March 28, 2021

Grace Opens The Door

Passage: Matthew 21:1-17
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Today begins the week in Christendom known as Holy Week. On the Jewish calendar it is 10 Nisan, the day of the choosing of the Passover lamb for sacrifice. Let’s start our sermon by reading Matthew 21. Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time in this dispensation. He enters riding a donkey but His entry is heralded by signs, wonders, and miracles. On the other side of the hill, He raised Lazarus from the dead. His ministry has exacerbated the priests. Now, they witness His entry into the city. The people who accompany Jesus shout and praise Him. They laud Him as Messiah and treat Him as conquering king. The priests try to get Jesus to temper the celebration by rebuking the praise of His disciples.

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