Good Friday 2019
April 19, 2019

Good Friday 2019

“What accusation do you bring against this man?”

On one side stands Barabbas whose name translated means “son of the father” – a sinner, a murderer, a rebel, a thief. On the other side stands Jesus, the Son of the Father come from heaven. A choice must be made. Someone will be condemned. Someone must die. Who will be chosen? The one who deserves death? Or, the One who is above reproach? The One in whom no one including Pilate can find anything worthy of death? Someone must die and go to hell. Who did they choose? Who will you choose?

In a twist of irony – a choice that defies logic is made, the heavenly Son of the Father is chosen for death and hell and His punishment begins.

Pilate brings Jesus out to the crowd. The cry goes forth: “Behold, the Man!” The response from the crowd? “Away with Him!! Crucify Him!” Can you see yourself in the crowd? Can you hear your voice – can you see your life condemning the Son of God? At the place of the Skull, His punishment continues.

Into Your hands we commit our spirits. The Light of the World is extinguished.  It is finished!

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