Do You Love Me? // Pastor Abel Gonzalez
September 29, 2019

Do You Love Me? // Pastor Abel Gonzalez

Passage: John 21:15-19
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This weekend, we had the pleasure of being joined by Jack Abraham of First Church Ministries, one of the missionaries we support based out of Cuba, along with one of the Cuban pastors he is able to assist, Abel Gonzalez of Primera Iglesia Baptista de Camaguey, who shares a message with us. Opening his teaching, Pastor Abel shares about his salvation story, hearing a sermon on the Prodigal Son returning to his father after living a very sinful and distant life. During that very sermon, the preacher’s son themselves fitting the profile of the prodigal son being taught about from the Bible ran to the front to embrace his father (the preacher). If God could show such an act of forgiveness in direct reflection of His word, then Abel believed he too could be forgiven and wanted to serve that God. 

Now onto the teaching, “Do You Love Me?” Based out of John 21, Pastor Abel looks at this central and highly important question that Jesus probed at His disciples during one of His reappearances to them following His resurrection. In the accounts, we read that Jesus asks Peter multiple times if he loved Him. A reminder here that Peter, who was merely a man and at the crucifixion had not only denied knowing Jesus but also cursed, was in a broken situation because of his actions. He must have been thinking “how can God forgive me, will I be able to even use my testimony?” 

When Peter was experiencing all of this, Jesus presented Himself to him. All mysterious and wondrous, our God asked the simple question, “Do you love me?” This was as if to say “if you love me, then we can fix this. We can make this work.” God knows what we did, He saw us, and He knows how we felt then and feel now! If you are willing to seek forgiveness for your actions and pursue God’s love, you are kingdom material and can be used for His glory! What is needed to serve God? Only love. 

So we end today with a simple question. Don’t speak of your past, or your current trials. Do you love the Lord?

Today’s Scriptures:

  • John 21:15-19

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