Conformed to His Image // Part 2
February 28, 2021

Conformed to His Image // Part 2

Passage: Genesis 3:1-7
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Today, we jump into part two of our series, “Conformed to His Image”. Last Sunday, our study was “Dependence upon the Supernatural”. We found out that humanity has a tendency to depend upon three principle things in life: Intellect – Experience – Talent/Abilities. Here’s our final tally: 

  • Intellect must lead us to faith.
  • Experience must lead us to kingdom dominion.
  • Talent must create humility knowing that acting alone, it falls short of God’s glory.

Watch the word to get the full teaching. Today’s subject: “Comfort with the Unknown.” What we are talking about today is a companion truth to last week’s study because it requires dependence upon the supernatural character and power of God. Many of us are not comfortable at all with “unknowns”. What are “unknowns”? Things that God allows or does that are not controllable or easily understood by humanity. This includes not just His actions and decisions but His timing as well. Saved people and unsaved alike share in the struggle with the “unknowns”. To be conformed to the image of Christ requires “shalom” with the unknowns. You can download the full notes by clicking below.

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