Baptism of Greatness
March 21, 2021

Baptism of Greatness

Passage: Matthew 20:17-28 (NKJV)
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We are one week away from Holy Week, so let’s take a look at something that happened “on the way up to Jerusalem” – on the way to the events of Holy Week. Today’s word is called “Baptism of Greatness”. Let’s read Matthew 20:17-28 (NKJV).

We just finished a series of conversations about being conformed to the image of Christ. We discovered that this is our destiny according to Romans 8:28-29. With the pursuit of this destiny comes a desire – to be recognized as having achieved the purpose that we were born for. We eschew earthly fame for a heavenly one. The mother of James and John wanted this for her sons. She was bold enough to ask Jesus for its fulfillment. Notice that Jesus did not rebuke the desire for heavenly greatness or reward. It was something He wanted His disciples to aspire to. But, He did open a revelation for her – for us – into greatness in the Kingdom. He stated that it requires baptism. (You can download the full notes by clicking below)

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