2019 Christmas Eve Service
December 24, 2019

2019 Christmas Eve Service

Passage: Luke 2
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Somewhere in the portals of time, in the Highest Council of Heaven, a love relationship was conceived. The Father informed the Son and Holy Spirit that Christ bearers were coming. They would uniquely bear the image of God. Because of this very unique factor, an objection was raised. If humanity bore the image of God, they would choose to use that very image to violate the very relationship the Father was seeking. The point was made that only God has the ability to possess free will and still maintain purity. 

The love relationship should have ended right there in the halls of conception. But, the Father and the Son kept the story from ending before it began. The Son would come so that the relationship would never end. In the fullness of time, the Son, Jesus was to be born. Where should He be born? In the protection of a king’s palace? As a general of a mighty army? Surely a position like one of these would protect Him from the destruction planned for Him by the satanic enemy and the desires of the flesh. No, God picked the perfect hiding place. God hid His Son in the body of a baby. He would grow up working, covered with sweat and dirt. He would live in a nondescript town – in a family of hard working people. And in doing so, would create the greatest love story of all time. 

The Creator of the Universe and the halls of the perfection of heaven, the devil destroyer, the High and Holy One, the Judge of all would also be the baby in a manger – the simple carpenter, the teaching rabbi, the sacrifice for every sinner… the God of Silence and Fury!

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