Capstone Connections New Members Class

At Capstone the body does the real work of the gospel.

And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.

– EPHESIANS 4:11-12

It’s the church’s job to equip YOU, the saints, to do the work of ministry. We want to help you achieve your potential in Christ.

If you desire to make a deeper commitment to Capstone Church we offer a class to help you get better acquainted with the church and what we believe. In this personal venue, church leadership and the new members get to know one another and all questions regarding the church are answered.

Capstone Connections will give you a solid foundation and join you to Capstone Church. Contact the church office at 817-336-2687 for more information.

Our next Membership Class is a special shortened Wednesday night session on November 10th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, with snacks & childcare provided, just sign up online by clicking here.

Connect Groups

What are Connect Groups?

Taking the example of Acts 2:42, Capstone Church has incorporated monthly group meetings to aid in the spiritual development and growth of the church body. The church in Acts met in the temple (church building) and from HOUSE TO HOUSE (Acts 2:46, 5:42, 20:20). New members are encouraged to find a group near them and get involved.

What Happens at the Connect Groups?

We believe that getting to know one another is a crucial part of church involvement. Connect Group Meetings are a time for fellowship and interaction. Along with singing and sharing, members discuss the Bible together. Then individual prayer requests are prayed over by the group. Afterward, snacks and drinks are enjoyed to end the meeting with lighthearted fun and fellowship.

Who Can Attend?

ANYONE! The groups are made up of families, singles, teenagers and children. While most are members of Capstone, many interested friends and neighbors also attend.

When Do Connect Groups Meet?

Connect Groups meet on the third full week of every month (leading up to the fourth Sunday). The groups also have exciting mid-month fellowship activities which are special times for fun, fellowship and evangelism.

Where Can I Find a Connect Group?

Stop by the Connect Center in the foyer or call the church office at
817-336-2687. Request the Connect office when you call.

Outreach & Missions

At Capstone, we make serving those in need one of our top priorities and do so by providing assistance through multiple ministries!

  1. Benevolence
  2. Mercy Heart
  3. Local Outreach
  4. Missions


Learn more about each of these by visiting our Outreach page!


Foundations of the Faith

Join us for this 10-week course that will help lay the foundations for why we believe the way we do. Pastoral Intern Larry Metz uses author and Capstone Elder Jon Dugdale’s book to walk through the different foundational beliefs of Christianity according to the Bible, including topics such as the Godhead/Trinity, and the gifts of the Spirit!

This class is currently active and will begin again in 2022. (Please note: online sign-up involves the purchasing of your course book which will be given to you during your first class. If you sign up at the info booth, you will need to visit the Connect Center to purchase and collect your book.)


Next Level Leadership

Join us as we explore God’s Authority and how it relates to all that we do as Christians. In this newly developed three week course, we will examine the importance of true submission and obedience as we seek to represent and faithfully serve a living God. This class is open to anyone but REQUIRED if you plan to serve in a leadership position or from the platform.

This class will begin again in 2022.


Connect Leader Training

Connect Leader Training builds leaders up and teaches how to lead a group, as well training people how to open their houses as a Host Home for a group to meet at!

This class meets on Sunday after service in Room 206. It is not currently in session. Future classes & sign ups will be available at a later date.

  • rchapman email


ReEngage is an in-depth Marriage Discipleship class for those who are engaged or married. It focuses on improving marriages and counseling the couple to walk in tandem with the Spirit. Because of the nature of this class, both people are required to attend and the couple needs to be either engaged or married.

This class typically meets on Wednesdays at 7pm in Room 204, and is currently not in session. We are currently evaluating our course of action to begin again sometime in 2022 and will post updated information at a later date.

Ladies’ Celebrate Recovery

Ladies Celebrate Recovery is a confidential class devoted to helping and mentoring women through their hurts, habits, and hang-ups that keep them from fulfilling God’s calling on their life! No matter what you’re going through, this class can help you through it.

This class meets on Wednesday nights, is fully confidential, and is currently meeting and closed for sign ups. If you’re interested in attending future sessions, please contact the email below.

  • rchapman email

Mens’ Celebrate Recovery

We also provide a Celebrate Recovery class specifically for men! It currently is not running, but stay tuned to find out when it begins and how you can get signed up!

This class is not currently in session. Contact the email below if you want to learn more.

  • rchapman email

One New Man

“One New Man” is a class about our Jewish roots. We will study how God has brought the Jews and Gentiles together in the church body and learn more about Jewish heritage, Israel, the Feasts of the Lord, the Jewish calendar, the Tabernacle, and even more!

Sign up is not required, simply show up and join them in the Lecture Hall on Sunday mornings at 9am.

Serve Team

If you are attending church, but not serving in some way, then you are only doing half of what God has called you to do! Each of us is given gifts and talents that the Lord has intended us to use for His glory. Capstone is committed to helping each member find their gifts and make room for them to use them within the church body and the surrounding area. So, do you want to get plugged in and serving? Here’s how!

First, join us at our next Capstone Connections meeting to become a member of our church family! Secondly, you need to undergo a background check, and thirdly pass MinistrySafe, a course about watching for the signs and cues of different forms of abuse involving minors. Lastly, if you will be in a leadership position, you will need to attend our Next Level Leadership class. You can contact the church office if you have any questions about these things.



We have plenty of places to serve besides just directly in ministries. To give a better idea, here are a few positions filled by individuals right now:

  • Someone who helps organize our pantry
  • A group helping our Homebound with their carpentry skills
  • Someone sending cards to our body to know they’re loved
  • Someone delivers flowers to those we want to bless
  • Someone who pays people’s electric bills
  • A group that organize our pantry
  • A group that volunteer in Jewels for Living
  • People visiting those in the hospital

These are all just people who are filling a need in the church body. There is no title except “volunteer,” going and doing what God calls them to in this season. Find your place, your purpose, and fulfill your calling. You are the hands of God extended! Experience the joy that giving to another brings!


  • Some ladies to help bring a meal to families that are unable to cook
  • Someone to help our older members move to a new place
  • Someone to help with our grocery shopping for Second Harvest once a month
  • Volunteers to go visit Homebound members
  • People willing to pick others up who are without transportation and bring them to church
  • Homeless Blessing Bags – lists at Info Booth, bring in items to bless them
  • Second Harvest Pantry – buy some things to help, lists at Info Booth


To get involved in any capacity, you can reach out to our Benevolence Director, Dorcas Fischer, at