Be Free: Making a List

Experiment. Write down ten negative thoughts you have about yourself. Now write down ten amazing thoughts you think about yourself. Which list was harder? For me, and most people, the list of negative thoughts is easier to write. Why is that?

Our belief system develops our thoughts. When we grow up in a way that develops a negative belief system about ourselves, we tend to reinforce that belief system. Those thoughts can include not being able to trust a certain group of people (men, women, authority figures, cops, bosses, etc.), thinking you are worthless, desiring to remain silent or unheard even when you need to share something important, and negative thoughts about how you look.
Luke 6:45 tells us that a man or woman speaks out of the abundance of his or her heart. Before you go any further, look at the list of negative thoughts you wrote down in our experiment at the beginning of this devotional. Once you review your list, prayerfully move through the rest of this weeks devotional.

  •  Ask the Lord to highlight one specific lie.
  •  Ask the Lord when did you first become in agreement with this lie? 
  • Then ask the Lord how this lie impacted your life and continues to impact it.
  •  Now pray: Lord, I choose to break the agreement with the lie ____________, and I declare Your truth over my life instead.

Spend some time reading Psalm 139. Compare the list of negative thoughts you made about yourself to Psalm 139. What is the Lord showing you? Type it out in the comments below.

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